Medical Stop Loss and Reinsurance

Expert Consulting: Insurance,
Reinsurance & Stop Loss Mediation

  • Insurance companies
  • Reinsurance companies
  • Employers
  • Attorneys & Consultants
  • Self funded Employers
  • Managed Organizations

Self Funded Business Insurance
Property and Casualty

  • Fully Funded & Self Funded General Liability  "Cick for Info"
  • Fully Funded & Self Funded Workers Compensation
  • Captive & Package: GL/WC/Auto/Property

Reinsurance Insurance Companies

  • Insurance Companies
  • Captives
  • Captive Cells
  • State authorized risk bearing entities
  • Federally authorized risk bearing entities.

Individual & Group (Employer) Medical

    • Self Funded (Self-Insured - ERISA) plans
    • Fully Insured Benefits in Coordination with ACA/SHOP alternatives
    • Level Funded Employer Plans offering Surplus rebates
  • Medicare Supplemental

      • (MediGap Plans A-N)
      • Medicare Advantage plans
      • Part D Pharmacy plans
  • Ancillary Products (Not Major Medical)

    Retirement “pension-Life” Contracts: licensed and insured in each state

    • IUL Life insurance with “Pension benefits” - contractually promised safety: S&P Index interest crediting 0% to 10.5%cap. Life insurance with Fixed Indexed Annuity safety. Call for an details.
    • Annuities: Fixed and Fixed Indexed.
    • Currently offered at about 2.4% contractually fixed interest crediting. See: Illustration & current offers.
Self Insured Medical Plan, Stop Loss Reinsurance, Self Funded Medical Plan
Self Insured Medical Plan, Stop Loss Reinsurance, Self Funded Medical Plan

We are not a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) for any reinsurance carriers.

Provider Risk has never participated in any contingency fees.


Our first obligation is to the insured client.

Risk Insurance Management Society (RIMS)

 Provider Risk does not provide tax advice and recommends any questions or concerns be directed to licensed CPAs or Attorneys specializing in tax.