Lower the cost of Medical Insurance: SAVE 50% on Medical Insurance*

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*IMPORTANT:  SHORT TERM MEDICAL PLANS (STM) Cost less than permanent ACA compliant major medical plans because they insure less over a 90 day period. STM plans EXCLUDE preexisting medical conditions, and typically reimburse physicians/Hospitals less than they charge. STM plans require reapplying for coverage every 90 days. Ex: The Companion plan pays First Health Network Providers up to UCR, and out of network providers up to 125% of what Medicare allows*. If your doctor/Hospital does not accept the lower amount, he/she can “balance-bill” the difference to you. STM pharmacy coverage is much less than qualified 12 month major medical insurance. *READ POLICY and Brochure to know your plan limits, and maximum eligible provider reimbursement, or do not buy a STM plan.